Monday, 28 June 2010

Cold Nights & Snuggly Pods

Isn't the weather perfect for camping! If you went to Glastonbury last weekend, VERY envious. 
Next year I am planning to take my daughter, hopefully in a VW Camper Van. I may actually pop with excitement before then, can't wait.  Lets hope I bag some tickets as she is already counting down the days!

When I go glamping, I do like to be as snug as a bug in a rug and especially at night, because with our delightful weather system, who knows if the summer nights under canvas will be warm or blummin nippy noo! So I think its best to have all angles covered!

Taking a sleeping bag when camping is definitely a lot less hassle and also huge space saver in the car, but for me, I really dislike like them.  I'm one of those sleepers that needs to have a leg outside of the covers, its a body thermostat thing. Being all zipped up in a sleeping bag imprisons that poor leg, and the need to release it and cool down then wakes me up.  This is when the vicious circle ensues because once the sleeping bag is opened to the elements, I start to cool down and can't sleep because I am now freezing. This makes me a right old grumpy bum the next day because I am so tired after a restless night sleep!!  The answer to this little sleeping bag nightmare was to simply bring along my good old faithful friend, the duvet.

So for all you lovely campers out there whom may have this leg out the bed syndrome like me, or simply hate the sleeping bag, I will happily share with you how I make my camping bed really cosy, incredibly comfortable and most importantly not too hot or too cold!  

Firstly on the double blow up bed I put a single duvet, which I then cover with the fitted sheet on top, this makes the blowup feel like a mattress.  I then have a double duvet, four pillows and lots of heavy blankets on top. I find that this is the key to a beautiful nights sleep, heavy blankets keeps the duvet in place.

The photo above is of my daughters pod. I do exactly the same for her but instead of a pile of blankets, she gets the cute vintage eiderdown that I found in The Vintage Emporium in St. Albans.  
I simply wouldn't be able to take all this bedding in the car if I didn't use the vacusacs to shrink it all down flat, they are a HUGE camping godsend.  The best place to find a storage solution is Lakeland,  their vacusacs are really handy, click on for more details.

And finally if you are sharing a double blowup bed, you may not know about the two chambered inflatable.  Its an absolute godsend for anyone who needs their camping beauty sleep. It prevents you from flying through the tents roof at million miles per hour, when your other half plonks themselves beside you! So two chambers all the way folks for a happy camping relationship!!


  1. Am definately considering the taking a duvet instead of my sleeping bag this summer.

    No flying problems - we opted for 2 single mattresses rather than a double.

  2. Just loving your blog!

    Being a very reluctant camper ( I am outvoted by 3 to 1) your tips are really useful. Particularly the sleeping bag dilema. I am a leg hanger outer for sure and hate flippin sleeping bags with a passion! All that wriggling about to get comfortable then only to find the back half way down by your feet. Nightmare.

    We are holidaying in comfort (she hopes) as we have rented a cottage this year. But camping will be looming large in my future. So all your tips and receipes are a real find. Thanks for sharing.

    MBB x

  3. Lovin the blog...! I need to get gear so I can camp...even if it's in the backyard with the kiddos I'd be happy! Check me out on Happy designed my blog too!

  4. Hi Abbie, just found your blog through Happy Loves Rosie, and I'm glad I have found you. What a brilliant blog!!.
    My family go 'camping' 2-3 times a year, and I'm trying to get them round to 'Glamping'!! I've started to replace boring bits of kit with more colourful bits and bobs, but I have to be abit sneaky otherwise hubbie will start asking questions!!
    Will deffinatley try out some of your recipes, they look really tasty, and so easy to make.
    Linda O xx

  5. Linda... I totally understand the sneaky additions.. my hubs is the same. Thank you for your kind words and please let me know what you think of the recipes.. A x

  6. Love your daughters pod - very cosy!
    More of a camper than a glamper myself but love your blo, anyway.

  7. Give me a caravan any day, however bijou. I think I'm just too old for tents. But I love the bedding.



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