Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Vintage Glamping

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Haven't told my hubster yet but I am really thinking about getting myself a VW camper van and doing it up!  Soooo, to soften the blow I have decided to introduce him to the wonderful world of vintage glamping by simply hiring one of the marvellous machines for a long snazzy weekend in October. I have always been completely in awe when a camper van has rocked up to the campsite I've been staying at, as they look so much fun and I know once we are pootling about in one, he will love it.

And not forgetting they are undoubtedly the perfect festival accessory, especially if you don't want the hassle of pitching a tent and lets not forget, (as I am sure we have all been there), trying to find the sodding thing in a field full of tents, in the dark,when slightly under the influence! Your vintage beauty will stand out like a beacon of loveliness.. just don't lose the keys!

I love the fact that all the VW Campers for hire have their own special names. 
This is Florence and you can hire her from Vanilla Splits

The tariffs vary from company to company, starting from as little as  £50 per day, £275 for a long weekend and £490 for a week. Here are some of the lovely people that will happily hire you one of their vintage treasures....... (West Sussex) (Devon) (Cornwall) (Cheltenham)  (Cumbria) (Befordshire) (West Sussex) (Cornwall) (New Forest) (Noak Hill)

One of my other all time favourite vintage camping wagons is the the ridiculously stylish Airstream. It originated in the USA in the 1930's and truly is a feast for any set of eyes. Its another dream of mine to renovate one, but for now at least I have the option of hiring one for a weekend break with a difference.

This is the Tin Pangolin's 28ft luxury Airstream

It sleeps up to 4 people and prices starts from just £200 per night. What makes the whole experience extra special is they will deliver the Airstream to your chosen location in the UK and then pick it up once you have finished your holiday, HURRAH!  Check out their website www.thetinpangolin.comfor more details.


  1. Hey Abbie, let me know how you get on with the VW. My partner is desperate to get one, but we cant really afford one at the moment, so Id thought about hiring one for a week for his birthday to see how we get on, Ill be interested to see if you think its worth it...

    Im wondering if it might get a bit claustraphobic with four of us in there though :)

  2. Am totally in love with Glamping...totally converted, so will be keeping a beady eye on your blog Abs. Well done you it looks lovely BTW.
    Big kisses Brooke xxx

  3. Will do Elaine. There are four of us too so will be an interesting mission!

    Thanks Brooke for your wonderful words x

  4. Wow - I didn`t even know you could hire an Airstream - thank you so much for the link. I love your blog - it`s so bright and cheery and I`ll definitely be trying out some of those yummy recipes you`ve provided for us `Happy Glampers`!
    ~Thanks Abbie.

  5. you are more than welcome, thanks for visiting the blog xx


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