Thursday, 10 June 2010

Campin' Roastie Tatties

These little gems are mouthwateringly scrummy and what makes them even more appealing,  is that they are also incredibly easy to cook under canvas.

2-3 average sized potatoes per person peeled and diced 
knob of butter
chicken stock cube
olive oil
thyme (optional)
salt & freshly ground pepper

sharp knife
veg chopping board
sauté pan

  1. Put the potatoes and a small knob of butter into the sauté pan and add enough water to just cover them. Sprinkle over the stock cube, add the thyme if using and stir well. Bring to the boil and let the water bubble off. 
  2. Add a large knob of butter and stir until melted into the potatoes and continue to cook until potatoes are golden . If the potatoes start to stick to the bottom of the pan,  add a tsp of oil to the pan.
  3. Add salt and freshly ground pepper to season and serve.

Happy Glamping Y'all! x

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