Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Little Guide To Tent Buying

With Camp Royale only a matter of weeks away, which is then followed by the many fabulous festivals donning the great British countryside this year, the question on your lips could very well be…. 

Which Blummin Tent Do I Buy?

Well have no fear my lovely glampers, because I have decided to help you narrow down your search with a few helpful hints on tent shopping.  Which, as I well know can get seriously frustrating, possibly cause a few crossed words with your other half and even make you lose the will to live… so let’s hope this guide helps you avoid all of the above!!

Right then, firstly, give yourself a budget. To help you decide, you will also need to consider if this lovely new tent of yours is going to be in your family for the foreseeable future? Or, are you the type of person that could loose it in a field full of tents, or even just be too darn hungover to be able to pack it up at the end of the weekend??? If you answered yes to the last two questions, then I suggest you get yourself a cheapy pop up style tent. Then there will be no tears when you come home empty handed.

Secondly, you need to make sure you take into account how many of you shall be sleeping in this canvas abode.  Tent manufacturers always like to squeeze you in and a two man pop up tent will be very cozy, literally just fitting in two people on their single (or one double) blow up beds.  However, if you do decide to go for a two man tent, maybe consider one with a porch, as you will definitely give yourself a little more room to store your bits and bobs.

Lastly, there is that all important height factor.  Do you want to crawl in and out of your tent, or would you rather walk into it and be able to stand up?
If crawling in and out isn’t a bother to you, then again a pop up would be ideal. However, if you want to be able to walk in, with a little standing space, I would highly recommend to you a tipi, it comes with the added bonus that it’s really quick to put up and take down/pack away! But, if you are tall or just simply want to have more room to stand and mooch about in, then there are lots of fabulous, affordable brands out there, but you will  be paying more for that luxury, and not forgetting, the larger the tent, the more time it will take to erect it. 

Hopefully my little guide will help you have a stress free tent buying time and whatever you decide to purchase and wherever you go.....

Monday, 14 March 2011

A Royal Occasion

If you are getting yourself all excited about the upcoming royal nuptials and desperately fancied being a part of something special on their BIG day, then dust off those union jack flags because something rather fabulous has just popped up, to help you do exactly that.

Forget the ridiculously high hotel prices in central London, thats soo yesterday! Why not camp in central London? As we all know, you can't just pitch up in a park, but you can if you book Camp Royale. YAY!!

The campsite is based on non-other than the delightful Clapham Common, ridiculously central and only 25 minutes to Buckingham Palace on the tube, so you can wave your flag to the future King and Queen of England, and feel all patriotic as they pass you in the street! 

You can camp on the common from Thursday 28th April to the Sunday, 1st May and it will cost you a mere £75 per person for the 3 nights, there is also a £4.95 booking fee on top of that.  This is what you get for your money....

A lovely cuppa (Yorkshire Tea) every morning  to warm your cockles.
 Clean, well maintained loos
 Lovely HOT showers, that will be running 24/7
A security team to keep you safe and sound
Mobile phone charge points  
GIANT screen, so you can watch the big day

There are different 'zones' to suit your needs, with a dedicated Quiet Zone, if you are a light sleeper, or just simply like the quiet of a night. A Family Zone for adults and their little nippers and then the Main Zone for the rest of you royal party animals.

If you are coming from afar and need transport to get down to London, National Express have teamed up with Camp Royale and for £105 for pitch and coach, plus the £4.95 booking fee on top of that, they will drive you there. They are running from 35 UK locations. Click here for more info...

They are also running a little competition for the best dressed guest, so get your glad rags out,  AND you can also win a prize for the most eye catching tent. I have loads of ideas on this blog to decorate your tent, check out my HOMEMADE section on how to make waterproof bunting.  If you simply can not be bothered with the faff of making your own,  then you can always drop me a line at and order yourself some for £15 inc p&p, but be quick as the orders are already coming in thick and fast this year... yikes!

There is also a very spangly GLAMPING option.. but you need to have some serious wedge to afford this little luxury.  To hire out one of their 18ft tipi's, that sleep up to 6 people, you will need *gulp* £2000!!!
For that large amount of dosh, that includes beds, sheepskin rugs, your own showers and loo area, although shared with other tipi glampers. 

To find out more information on Camp Royale, click HERE to take you straight to their site.

Let me know if you go and what it was like, but in the meantime....