Tuesday, 18 May 2010

How I became The Happy Glamper - The tale of the heater

Getting really excited about camping in a couple of weeks, especially as the sun has finally decided to pop out and warm the weather up.
Although to be honest with you, I have absolutely no excuse to cancel the Devon trip just because it maybe a little miserable and nippy at night. This is simply because a few years ago a friend of mine, Tracey, introduced me to the wonderful world of 'camping on a hook up' AND having a heater!
When she first told me of her plush camping ways, I laughed at her and said she didn't know what REAL camping was! However that night as I huddled in my teepee wrapped in a hundred layers, hot chocolate in one hand with a little shiver on and she sat sipping wine in hers all snug as a bug in a rug, I thought to myself, surely a little heater wouldn't hurt!

I couldn't imagine camping in Blighty without my beloved heater now and would highly recommend a cheap electric blower for your tent, thats if you don't already have one. It really does makes all the difference when the sun goes down and you zip up for the night. Just make sure you remember to get an electric hook up pitch and a hook up plug adapter to plug it in or you'll still be nippynoo.

Happy Glamping Y'all x

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