Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A few new bits to brighten up the tent

I had a little trip to the shops today to stock up on a few unessential items for our camping trip!
I got this cute little milk pan which will come in very handy for all our hot chocs we shlurp at night.

I then stocked up on these fabulous knives, by Kuhn Rikon which can be found in most camping and cookery shops.
They are perfect for camping as they have the safety of the blade guards to protect and they also get the very important glamping seal of approval because of their vibrant range of colours.

Last stop off was to my all time favourite shop Cath Kidston. There I found a very handy cool bag for picnics and a lovely melamine jug .

Happy Glamping Y'all!


  1. hey abbie. so I've found your new born blog, congrats! the ellis family have been for a whirlwind weekend in ireland and been raving about you of course. i'm your new stalker, so looking forward to more posts. sharon xx

  2. Hi Abbie, Are the knives plastic? Are they sharp enough for chopping veggies? We're heading off camping next month, so Im just stocking up on a few goodies :)

  3. Hey Elaine... no the knives are incredibly sharp, the cover is plastic. I couldn't camp without them, highly recommended. Have an amazing camping trip and if there is anything else I can help you with, let me know xx


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