Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cooking, Cooking And More Cooking!

Been really busy getting all the images ready for my camping cook book, Cooking Under Canvas. I haven't stopped cooking over the last few days and hoping that the sun will keep its hat on, so I can use natural lighting to take the perfect snaps.
I did have help with the project this weekend as the girls came to stay. It was perfect timing as they turned out to be fabulous helpers, not only with the washing and drying up, but with the taste testing.
I have to say I am a very lucky girl to have them in my life. They are truly the most amazing friends in the world and considering their jobs and lifestyles, are ridiculously down to earth, I cannot fault them in anyway. Fran, a fabulous feminist and Guy Chambers PA, was completely in her element testing all my camping culinary delights and Nicola who is Leona Lewis' manager was the genius behind a difficult lighting situation!

There was panic as the sun was setting last night and we were running out of natural light.
But crisis averted as Nicola had a cunning plan.
A torch.
As much as Fran and I laughed at her loony idea, it did actually work, a little!

And this is the winning shot of my delicious camping chocolate fondue.
(check out the amazing torch lighting!!!!)

I am thoroughly enjoying putting this book together and can't wait to share the recipes with you, once I have finished in my camping kitchen .

Happy Glamping Y'all! x

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