Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Glamping Cooking Equipment Checklist

I found packing everything needed for a good camping trip, stressful, time consuming, tiring and a right old pain in the backside. So instead of rummaging around my kitchen trying to remember what i needed to take with me, I decided to buy a few essentials and keep them stored in a large picnic basket.
This now means that when we go camping, everything is packed and ready to go. Not only is it a massive time saver, its a huge weight off my mind as I know I can’t forget anything!
All the recipes throughout the book use equipment from the list below, so if you follow this guide, you simply can’t go wrong......

2 ring gas burner stove with grill
sauté pan
frying pan
small saucepan
large saucepan
2 sharp knives
small vegetable chopping board
small meat chopping board
measuring jug
plastic salad bowl (doubles up as mixing bowl)
2 x wooden spoons
spatula (metal one is best)
cheese grater
potato masher
garlic press
scissors (these are used for food only)
heart or any other shape cookie cutter (not essential just to add some fun)
dinner sized plates *
side plates*
plastic tumblers*
cutlery set (includes, 6 x knives, forks, tablespoons, teaspoons)
washing up bowl
and not forgetting the all important bottle & tin opener!

* take as many as you require, I always take a couple more to use as serving plates.


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