Monday, 23 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

If you are a lover of glamping and all things vintage, then I simply insist you check out the festival that everyone is talking about and after the amazing success this year,  Vintage at Goodwood will be the hottest festival ticket of 2011.

It was the very first of a fabulous annual music and fashion led festival, that celebrated the 40s through to the 80s. Situated in the outstanding location of The Goodwood Estate in Chichester, West Sussex,  this years festival had everything you could wish for, including an amazingly cool high street that was designed like a wild west film set, with shops that included John Lewis,  Waitrose,  The Body Shop and even a coiffeurs that could give you an instant beehive so you could take your vintage self to the max!!

The music was a fabulous array of talent that has come out of Blighty over the decades, and this year Vintage At Goodwood didn't let any genre down. They covered every aspect of the 40s,50s,60s,70s and 80s, and didn't forget the inspirational figures that have made British music so recognisable over the years. The amazing line up included, The Faces, Wander Jackson, The Damned, Mica Paris, Swing Out Sister, Heaven 17, John Miller Orchestra, Danny Rampling and Norman Jay to name but a mere few, click here to see the full programme. 

Every little detail stylishly thought out,
 The Vintage at Goodwood entry wristband

With it also being a fashion led festival there were beautifully choreographed catwalks, and for all the vintage shopaholics out there,  their dreams were realised with the largest, coolest, vintage fashion bazaar known to man. As the finer details were the organisers strong point, they even made sure there was a same day alteration service, so if you did buy yourself a little vintage gem, you could make it the perfect fit too, fabulous dahling!
There literally was something for everyone,  Burlesque performances, comedy acts, dancing workshops, where you got to learn The Funky Chicken and The Twist (to name but a few). A funfair, fashion workshops and so much more that I simply can't write it all down, so click here for more details. What did one have to pay for all of this fun under one festivals roof, well it was a mere £55 per ticket for the weekend, and kids under 12 went free.

If that little lot hasn't made you want to buy your ticket 12 months in advance (although I don't think they are actually on sale yet), let me tell you about the most exciting bit for us Happy Glampers, the camping accommodation and WOW, what a choice there was! The general camping was situated next to the main event, it cost £15 per person, for the whole weekend, to pitch up your own tent. There were lots of clean, flushing lavs and a whole load of lovely showers and vanity areas too. 

The amazing beach hut style vanity areas,  so you could look utterly glamourous at all times

There were the many different glamping options of varying prices, some far more expensive than others. If you opted for the proper posh camping, it came complete with chefs cooking you breakfast using all organic produce from The Goodwood Estate.. Hello heaven!
You had the choice of Hotel Bell Tent, luxury Tipis and Yurts in the Indian reservation, Geo-Domes, Gypsy Caravans, Podpads and last but definitely not least,  Bell Pads!

At the draw dropping amount of £2000 per tent for the weekend, Hotel Bell Tent at the Kennels was the most expensive option. Each tent slept 2 adults and 2 spogs and each booking included:

*  Concierge service with a dedicated telephone number for general assistance and random requests
*  Breakfast in bed and your choice of newspaper delivered to your tent each morning
*  Unlimited use of the refreshment tent - serving tea, coffee and cool drinks all weekend
*  Posh loos for during the night
*  Dedicated locker with robes and slippers provided for the trip to and from your ‘campsite’
*  Pressing service, shoe shine and hairstylist in Locker rooms each morning
*  Laundry service
*  Dedicated transport to and from the site throughout the weekend

In the Indian reservation you could hire yourself a tipi or a yurt, 2 man yurt £500 per tent for the weekend. 2 man Tipi £600 per tent for the weekend. 6 man Tipi £1,200 per tent for the weekend. 8 man Tipi £1,600 per tent for the weekend. Included in the price was the already erected tent in a private and exclusive area in the woodland, a VIP camping assistant, fully inflated airbeds,  breakfast delivery service in the morning of a bacon butty and cuppa and not forgetting, the use of the  posh loos and showers..

Then there were the Geo-Domes, these are meant to be the future of camping!! Hmmm, not very pleasing to the eye are they?  But who knows,  they could be a grower with a little, LOT of bunting!  They slept 4 people and it costs £1000 for the weekend per tent. Not completely glamping, but the added extras of what was included in the price gave it that glamping edge, with the already erected Geo-Dome in a private and exclusive area in the woodland, a VIP camping assistant, fully inflated airbeds,  breakfast delivery service in the morning of a bacon butty and cuppa and not forgetting the posh loos and showers..

I absolutely love gypsy caravans, I think they are ridiculously gorgeous and an incredibly romantic way to glamp it up at a festival. For your one thousand english pounds, you could have hired one for the weekend. They fit in 2 adults and 2 children and all the bed linen and blankets you needed for a snuggly night sleep were provided. You also got the VIP camping assistant,  breakfast delivery service in the morning of a bacon butty and cuppa and the all important posh loos and showers.

Also on offer, were the Bell Pads. The beautiful bell tent (4mtr diameter) was already erected when you arrived on site, with 4 inflated airbeds inside. It cost  £800 for 4 people, and the price also included your VIP camping assistant,  breakfast delivery service in the morning of a bacon butty and cuppa and the all important posh loos and showers .

Lastly, you could hire yourself a cute little podpad. A friend of mine was lucky enough to stay in one said that they were very roomy inside. Each one had a solar powered charger point (12V), a light above the door and to finish it off proper guttering, just in case of that festival downpour. It cost a reasonable £500 for 2 people, and as always the price also included your VIP camping assistant, breakfast delivery service in the morning of a bacon butty and cuppa and the all important posh loos and showers.

I absolutely LOVE the concept of this festival, every little detail has been thoroughly though out and I truly think that  Vintage at Goodwood has given all the other festivals out there a blummin good run for their money.  See you there next year....

If you went to Vintage at Goodwood this year and have some pictures and would like to share your experience, I would love to hear from you.. 


  1. That all looks and sounds absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing it all.

  2. Wish I could have been there. You have such a happy, pretty blog!

  3. Oh gosh, I have been hearing nothing else but how wonderful Vintage at G was and I am wildly jealous I didn't know about it!!! Do post as soon as you see tickets for next year's event for sale - and goodness - I'm going to look into renting out my Bell Tent!! Boo x

  4. Once I know about the tickets I will pass on the joyful news xx

  5. I LOVE the first photo of that vintage car and trailer.

  6. I absolutely loved the festival and love hearing other peoples experience of it. Wish I could have afforded the glamping but we were just as happy in our own bell tent.
    Here's me Vintage at Goodwood experience (plus photos):

  7. Abbie,

    Unfortunately I have to tell you that the so-called 'glamping' at Vintage at Goodwood was appalling. I won't take up space here discussing the issues, (basically nothing advertised on the website was provided, and the glamping area itself was a muddy quagmire.)
    If any-one is interested, there are a couple of Facebook links here -

    The Festival itself was great, but if any-one is thinking about the 'glamping' option for next year, please be careful and do some checking first to make sure it is actually going to be provided.

    As for me, in future I'll stick to your kind of glamorous camping! :)

  8. Thank you all for you your comments. I think it's really important to hear everyones stories.

    Kate, so glad you had a fabulous time and your blog is fantastic! Thank you so much for contacting me.

    Annie, I am so sorry that you had such a horrible time, maybe it was first time hitches?!

    I am still very excited about going next year and still will be, you never know they may take all complaints on board and next year could be a complete success!

    Happy Glamping Y'all

  9. Have a look at my review on my blog w and on Love your blog - fab!


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