Saturday, 7 August 2010

Moon & Sixpence


We arrived at The Moon and Sixpence in Waldringfield, Woodbridge on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Always a little nervous when staying at a new campsite, concerned that we may be pitched next to the Addams Family, its happened before you see. However on checking in, we found out that we could  chose our own pitch, which even though was a novelty, immediately sent me into panic mode and we jumped into the car and rushed off to find the best pitch before anyone else could!  We must have driven around the touring site for at least 20 minutes, stopping at different pitches and surveying them as if our life depended on it! Is this just me, or am i simply possessed by some camping demon??!! After much "debating", a possible divorce and my hubster rolling his eyes so much to the back of his head that we nearly had to take him to hospital to have them corrected, we settled on pitch 62.  It was right at the end of the field, tucked in a corner near a beautiful reed pond and the water feature gave a theraputic sound that instantly relaxed you. 

The campsite has strict rules, no screaming and absolute quiet from 9pm till 8.30am, with all children safely tucked up in their tents. There is also a no visitors allowed policy during August, which was unfortunate for us as my parents were on holiday themselves up the road!  We broke both rules! 

It wasn't an intentional 'breakin' the law, breakin' the law' (Judas Priest), I simply had a few small issues that I couldn't inwardly keep contained, them being wasps! I.HATE.THEM, and with it being wasp season, every 5 minutes I was breaking the code of silence with an ear curdling scream and running for my life! My family, especially the kids were incredibly embarrassed of me, but it is the only way I can deal with them!

Here is proof of my fear of wasps, a moment captured by my husband (to his joy), when I jumped into the safety of a freezing cold pool to escape a rather large one. Me 1 - Wasps 0

Once the tent was set up and I had located the can of Raid for protection, we all went for a facilities inspection. A to the MAZING! A lovely Norwegian lodge that houses, 3 shower rooms and 2 bathrooms (some of them have loos in too),  6 separate toilets,  a huge laundry room and a fantastic washing up room and they all have radio 2 playing, which I have to say is quite comforting if you need a midnight tinkle!

There are plenty of things to do on site to keep the kids occupied,  a play park, a zip wire, tyre swings, a private lake and beach.  Off site there are many places to visit. We went to the unspoilt seaside town of Aldeburgh, which is my new favourite place in the world and I want to live there. They have many fabulous places to do a little retail therapy, and the best place to get lunch is at The Fish and Chip shop where you will always find a queue outside, but its well worth the wait. 
We spent our one rainy day in Framlingham,  in a delightful pub called The Crown Hotel. Amazing food and the staff were simply the nicest, friendliest people,  we all came away totally relaxed and had very content bellies. 

Our other find was The Friday Street Farm  shop, in Saxmundham. There are lots of lovely farm shops in suffolk, but this is the one where we found the most delicious smoked meats, I highly recommend the smoked turkey and their smoked bacon. 

All in all  we had a wonderful time and I was sad to leave... 

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  1. I live about 5miles from the Moon & Sixpence and drive past the sign for it on my way to work every day, but in 10years of living here I've never been to it. Thanks for writing about it - sounds like I've been missing out so I'll definitely pay them a visit now.

    Did you go to the Maybush pub in Waldringfield? Beautiful pub on the river bank (but very busy in summer).

  2. You have bben to my neck of the woods! I have been passed that campsite many times. Not sure that I would manage to keep the quiet after 9pm rule - our camps seem to involve the adults being quite noisy in the evenings after sharing a bottle or two!

  3. Looks A-MA-ZING Happy Glamper! Wish we were there :o)

    I just wanted to say a BIG thank you! I took your tent advice and have just had a truly SUPA DOOPA time camping in the Wild West of Cornwall with our new Sunn Camp Evolution. It rocked in sun and the bloomin rain we had this morning! Carry on Glamping girlfriend x x x x

  4. Aww I thought Id commented on this. We were thinking about going here in a couple of weeks, so Im glad you had a nice time. Good luck with the blog comptetition lovely, I really enjoy reading it :)

    Oh and that wasp photo absolutely cracks me up, lol.

  5. That's really strange - I could swear I left a comment here earlier!! I was saying that I really loved your blog!! And to thank you for the idea of packing duvets into vac packs!! I also wondered how you re pack the vac sacks when returning home - does one of the inflatable air bed pumps on deflate work the same way as a hoover??? Hopefully this comment will go through! Boo x

  6. Hello lovely Glampers, so sorry for getting these posts up late, but had another little holiday and haven't been on line.. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments...

    Tom, no we didn't get to the Maybush pub, but will definitely take up your recommendation next time we are up there.

    Country girl, it was a mahooosive struggle for us to keep the peace! we got the uncontrolable giggles just after 9pm most nights!

    Anon, YAY, so glad the tent was a success, may you have many more happy glamping times..

    Elaine, hope you have an amazing time there and I have just found out that The Happy Glamper has won the competition for July, so thank you so much to you and everyone else who voted!

    Elizaboo, aww so glad you love the blog. To pack the vac sacs on the way back is always a little bit of a pain. We currently use the electric pump as its a two way, but we do have to improvise with a kitchen towel tube as a makeshift hoover nozzle!
    I am currently looking into something that can do the job better! When I do I will let you know.

    Happy Glamping Y'all xx


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